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US Casinos By State

The US is a popular gambling country. There are hundreds of spectacular casinos dotted all over the US. Each US casino offers you a great collection of games to play, VIP treatment and a gambling experience you will never forget. Below is a list of some of the most popular US casinos by state where you can enjoy gambling, like in Nevada, New Jersey, and California.

US Casinos By StateNevada Casinos
The State of Nevada is home to the most popular gambling city in the world, Las Vegas. The vision of infamous mobster, Bugsy Siegel, Las Vegas (Sin City) is full excitement, action, showgirls and extreme entertainment catered for all types. Las Vegas casinos are known for their exorbitant luxuries, Hollywood like glamour and most of all the superb gambling options. Some of the best casinos to visit there would be The Venetian, the Wynn Las Vegas, the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay and the Flamingo.

The Venetian is a spectacular casino. You could call it a modern marvel because of the innovation and the creativity that has gone into the creation of this excellent casino resort. The name of the casino unveils its secret; it is a complete replica of Venice. You can find cobbled streets flanked with some fantastic designer shops and little cafés. You have an entire water network inside the casino and you can even take a classic gondola ride. Complete with Venetian landmarks, tiny bridges and even a ceiling that looks like the sky, the Venetian is a real wonderland. The casino houses 2500 slot and video poker machines, 115 table games and great ambience that will gambling enjoyable here.

Las Vegas is THE place to be if you want to go gambling. If you have the time and the money you should certainly pay a visit to this spectacular city.

New Jersey Casinos
New Jersey is where the next most important US casino city is. Atlantic City takes you to a world of amazing entertainment, nightlife, fine dining, shopping and of course spectacular gambling. The most popular casinos in Atlantic City include Bally’s Wild Wild West, Harrah’s Atlantic City, Trump Marina, Trump Taj Mahal and Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort.

California Casinos
Casinos in California are primarily owned by the Native American tribes. The casinos are located on Indian Reservation land. There are a large number of casinos in California spread all over the North and South of the State. Some of the most popular Native American casinos in California include Thunder Valley, Cache Creek Casino Resort, Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino, Bear River Casino, Chumash Casino Resort, Coyote Valley Shodakai Casino and Red Fox Casino to name a few.

There are lots more fabulous casinos studded all over the US. But sometimes you just might not have the time or the sufficient amount of money to go all the way to these casinos to gamble at. This is where online casinos come to your rescue. The online casino in USA that we recommend is Online Vegas Casino because it offers you great online casino games and a relaxed, convenient and very beneficial online gambling experience.